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Our Story

This HMoob Story Project is uniquely driven by humanities experts in their respective fields and HMoob Studies, such as Dr. Mai See Thao, Dr. Kong Pheng Pha, and Dr. Xong Xiong, alongside HMoob community experts who are activists, HMoob Studies scholars in training, community members (Chong Moua, Sandie Thao, Choua Xiong, Vina Xiong, Paser Yang, May See Yang, Tommy Yang), and UW-Oshkosh student assistants (Nou Lee, Amy Xiong, and Liseng Xiong). 

Our community partners includes Cia Siab Inc. (La Crosse, WI) Freedom, Inc. (Madison, WI), Hmong American Women Association (Milwaukee, WI), Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, W), and the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. 

Research, object collection, and planning are enabled by the Wisconsin Arts Board Creative Communities Grant and the Morgridge Center for Public Service (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Community Research Project Grant. 

This community-led and community-driven exhibit, in partnership with the Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS) and the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, will travel to cities in Wisconsin with the highest HMoob populations: Eau Claire, Fox Valley, Madison, Milwaukee, La Crosse, and Wausau. It opens its doors to audience members both familiar and unfamiliar with the HMoob and even less familiar with America’s Secret War in Laos (1964-1973).


The HMoob Story Project in Wisconsin is supported by students, community leaders, knowledge-bearers, and creators. Meet the team below.

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