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Baby Carrier
Manee Yang (Photo)
Sandie Thao (Object)


Baby carriers are often gifted to daughters in preparation for when they will start their own families and use this to carry their babies. Women are often expected to bear children and expand their husband's clans. Many mothers want to prepare their daughters to be able to care for their newborns.

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Manee Yang

"In the suitcase is also my grandma lub hlav nyias, right. Lub hlab nyias that she sewed in here as well. She was preparing them before she passed away. She passed away in 2007, so nws twb pass ntev ntev lawm ob, tab sis nws twb npaj hlab nyias rau nws cov xeeb ntxwv, right. So, I had one. So, I think for my mom, Ishe would say, “txhob muab rau lwm tug, tseg rau yus cov me nyuam.”

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