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Paj Ntaub is a ritual of communication, mending, and care passed down from generation to generation in HMoob families. The embroidered patterns were an inscribed way of communication beyond oral history, mended by women who sewed symbols into their skirts to tell stories.

Donated by
Chong Moua, Nou Lee, May See Yang, See Xiong, Nou Xiong
Included: paj ntaub, fabric, needles, thread, and embroidery scissors

Nou Xiong

"When we first step on to American soil and I was like, thau ntawm... koj pog tseem ua paj ntaub so we kind of just sat around and made these paj ntaub and they said that they came in time for winter and there was like all this Christmas stuff”

Paj Ntaub - Mountains and Elephants.HEIC
Paj Ntaub - Mountains and Flowers.jpg
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