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Rooj Mab 2004.jpg


Iconic low dining table used during the 1990s to 2000’s adapted from Lao and Thai Issan dining styles in Southeast Asia by HMoob families. HMoob families used these tables for dining. When they transitioned to the larger, taller wooden dining tables, what we consider as our modern tables, their children were often instructed to sit at these small dining tables.

Donated by
Nou Lee, 2004

Xong Xiong

“It’s not normal to nyob ib lub tsev zoo li ntawv nas, puas yog. It’s not sanitary to nyob ib lub tsev li ntawv, tiam si yus xav tias, ‘oh txhua txhua tus neeg lawv yeej nyob li no, lawv yeej noj li no, puas yog, so—yeah”

Rooj Mab - The Battlefield of Memory.jpg
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