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My name is Sheng, or Nkauj Sheng. Usually when I’m at  events or in public, I usually use my full name. I am a dance coordinator for a long time now. I’m very very  involved in Hmong dancing or just like dancing in general in the Hmong community. Aside from that, I also do a lot  of dance judging and stuff for many New Years all around Wisconsin. I just kind of started in Minnesota last year,  not Cali yet but I’ve been there too. Other than that, I do coordinate dance competitions and singing competitions,  within the last few years. I haven’t been doing it for the last two years, but I did help the Fox Cities Hmong New  Year with their New Year as well. So that’s located in Appleton here. Other than that, I’m just kind of like a dancer,  you know. Just kind of out there and enjoying my time as a passionate dancer.

...when you look at the sky, you don't see anything but blue and white, right. And the only time you see the rainbow is when it rains, most of the time, okay. So I always like to think of it like that. When you- when you put yourself through a lot of situations where you search for culture, that's when the colors come in.  That's when you start realizing and start to respect other peoples’ culture, you know. You can't just see, like expect to see a rainbow without learning something about it and so I really like that...

I watched... dancers from  California on the California stage and I knew when I was four, I'm like I told my mom like mom and I'm like when  I'm older I'm gonna go and dance on that stage, right. She said no you're not gonna go there, you’re never gonna go  there, right.

...whenever I wear Hmong clothes, I always feel like I’m wearing my language. As history goes, we have always been told, at least when I grew up, I was always told that every symbol on paj ntaub was- was like our alphabet. And so whatever I wore about my outfit, it was always like wearing my language and it's not just about like oral language, right. It's all about like the symbol language too...

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