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Ancient Containers


Our living archive takes a community-based and decolonized approach. Our vision is to:

  • Center around HMoob experience

  • Empower HMoob communities, cultivate collective healing, and promote cross-cultural understanding among the wider public.

  • Center the theme of “cia siab” (hope) to understand HMoob lived experiences of war, resettlement, historical trauma, and healing.

How can you contribute?

We are looking for objects you may have or would like to create; such as traditional objects, digital art, photography, artistic representation (2D, 3D, sculptures, mixed media, videos, audio) or objects of use in Wisconsin (e.g. couch, household items, etc). We are looking to capture youth, women, LGBTQ and elders’ stories.

We are interested in multigenerational stories, thus we need YOUR HELP to achieve and capture these stories.

Questions to think about when submitting stories:

  1. What does "cia siab" means to you?

  2. What is your HMoob Wisconsin refugee story?

  3. What does healing look like for you?


Take a photo of object or have your audio file

  • On a White background/ neutral background

  • Preferred to take a high-quality photo with a ruler to show dimension. This will help with how to display your object in our exhibition design.

  • Limit of 10 submissions, but no limit on file sizes.


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