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Yeev Tsab Yaj
Left to Right: 2008, 2009, 2010

Yeev Tsab Yaj would trim off between 10-12 inches of her hair annually and keep the end. In the year of 2008, her hair was fine, thick, and healthy. In 2009, she experienced a terrible fall while on her job that disabled her from continual working. Losing her job created a domino effect of other stressful life events. She feared for her life and her family’s financial stability. She did not realize how the accumulated stress had affected her body until she did her yearly hair trim that proved to her how stress can affect the body. Till this day, she uses this method as a way to measure her stress.

“Nws muaj peev xwm ua tau rau yus qhov muag tsis pom kev, nwb muaj peev xwm ua rau yus puas hlwb, nws muaj peev xwm ua rau yus tej roj ntsha tsis zoo ua rau yus tej plaub hau, txawm yog yus tej plaub hau xwb los, yus tej plaub hau yeej puas tas yeej piam tas.” 

- Yeev Tshab Yaj

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